Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's a new year! Okay, there are a few more months of 2007, but summer is past and the beautiful, giddy months of Fall are here. Our world is completely changed in just a few weeks: we're back to school.
Asher started his long educational career 20 August. He attends a preschool (Kids' Village) in north Orem with his seasoned partner in crime, Autumn. The first day of school he said that he liked school, but when asked if he wanted to go back he said no. Since then he's warmed up to the experience.
UVSC (to be called UVU next year) began Fall semester 22 August. It is an interesting time as this once Technical College is metamorphosing into a full-blown university. What does this mean? Well the hope is that the French program will grow into a minor and even a major. In that expectation, I am teaching 13 credit hours (two beginning classes and one intermediate). So, I have roughly 75 new names to learn with faces. The semester is fresh, but so far so good.
Siena's school begins Wednesday, but it will only be MWF schedule for a few weeks while her school, Freedom Academy, completes construction on its beautiful $11 million home. We figure its worth the inconvenience.
Colette is now walking and will soon be going to nursery at church. Yahoo!
Brent's long term as our HOA (Home Owners' Association) president will soon end. Whew!

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